Pantone Colors Include Vibrant Pink, Orange, Blue

Pantone colors

There are many colors represented in the 2017 Pantone trending list, but te color that came out on top for 2017 is Greenery!
Pantone colors
The annual Pantone Color Report is compiled by color experts who analyze the trends on the fashion runways. Inspired by the upcoming year’s collections,  the trending colors for the upcoming season are announced, and the picks influence everything from home design to wedding decor.  The choices for 2017 represent a broad spectrum of colors found in nature but include something for everyone.

Should you choose something from the year’s hottest color schemes, or have your own ideas – the floral design experts at Boyd’s Flowers will professionally match your colors and your dresses with the perfect flowers.
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Creative Ideas for Floral Proposals

floral proposals

You’ve waited your whole life for this moment – and so has the person standing nervously in front of you. You want everything to go perfectly and for it to be just beautiful. From the proposal to your reception, florals play an integral role – and the wedding experts at Boyd’s Flowers have the ideas and inspiration that you need.
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Wedding Extras and Accents

wedding extras

Wedding planning is full of choices. Some are big and some are small, but all work together to make your wedding day truly unique, special and personal.  Florally, there are also decisions big and small – from the bridal bouquet and the centerpieces, down to the decorative hairpins, we will help you every step of the way. At Boyd’s Flowers, we work with Wilmington area couples to create their dream wedding day, from start to finish.
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Wedding Trends – Unique Metallic Accents

metallic accents

The popularity of metallic accents in wedding decor is on the rise, and couples are discovering a wide range of options available to them when planning their big day. Metallics offer so much versatility that they can be used with any color palette, any style of flower and any wedding theme – adding shine, and shimmer and elegance. When looking for the best Wilmington area bridal flowers and reception decor, your choice should be Boyd’s Flowers. And when looking for a creative way to bring your own style and personality into the ambiance, look to metallic accents.
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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Orchid


One of the most popular flowers that brides choose for their wedding bouquets is the orchid. This exquisite flower embodies luxury, beauty, and love and in that sense, represents a perfect choice for many brides. But although white orchids have traditionally been used in classic cascading bouquets and lush arrangements, today’s brides are often choosing a more modern version of the bridal orchid for their personal flowers and centerpieces. Boyd’s Flowers has been helping Wilmington and Newark couples choose their wedding florals for decades, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

wedding orchid


There are various types of orchids trending in this season, and the green cymbidium orchid is one of the most coveted. With exquisite color and an exotic aesthetic,  this unique bloom puts a modern spin on the traditional wedding orchid. The cymbidium blends well with many diverse flowers and colors, allowing the intricate artistry and creative design that Boyd’s Flowers’ team is known for.

The popular green color is most often paired with white or cream roses, lilies and hydrangea; it also looks beautiful with shades of purple and pink, or even with interesting succulent elements. If the bride is looking to distinguish her flowers from the rest of the ceremony, will use green orchids with an accent color, which is then repeated throughout the boutonnieres, corsages, cake flowers and centerpieces.  One thing is clear, the vast diversity of the orchid will give the bride a myriad of choices within the species.

wedding orchid

As you begin the process of planning a wedding,  make the decision to include the beauty and natural romanticism that the orchid brings. Whether you have dreams of a classical, extravagant cascading bouquet; or a cake simply adorned with tiny petals, the floral designers at Boyd’s Flowers will listen to your desires, give you suggestions and show you options so that you can make the best possible choice of wedding orchid for your perfect day.

Planning Your Holiday Wedding

holiday wedding Photo 1

As you are reveling in the sunshine, heading to the beach and getting together with friends this summer, it is important to start thinking about holiday flowers, mistletoe and Christmas parties! That may seem strange to you unless you are planning a holiday wedding this year. Couples looking to get married in the winter months, especially around the holiday season, should already be well into the planning process, even if the day seems far away. Wedding coordinators agree that this is the perfect time to speak to your wedding florist – so here are some expert tips to get you going!


Jackie Cinaglia, wedding consultant at Boyd’s Flowers, has this to share. “By the summer preceding a Christmas wedding, the bride should have determined the number of people in her wedding party and have her color scheme solidified.” She suggests helpful inspiration is found when searching through trade publications, Pinterest, and even attending other people’s weddings. “Once the color scheme has been verified, and the venue is booked, it is time to call me,” adds Jackie.

holiday wedding holiday wedding

When it comes to winter events, brides should think color palettes and style rather than specific flowers. Many flowers are not available in the winter months, making them more difficult – and thus more expensive – to include. There are also many competing parties and celebrations at that time of year. By bringing in your color and your vision, Boyd’s can help you to experiment with gorgeous alternatives and helpful suggestions borne from years of experience. Not all florists are equal, as Jackie assures her couples. “I will meet any budget, design any style, and deliver any day. Boyd’s Flowers removes all obstacles when it comes to creating your wedding day. We counsel the bride on styles and budget to make dreams come true.”


With over 100 years of service to the Wilmington area, there is no simply no better partner in planning the bridal bouquets and floral arrangements for your holiday winter wedding. Call for an appointment with Jackie, and see what a difference Boyd’s exceptional customer service makes.

For Your Wedding, Don’t Settle for Less than Designer

wedding floral designWhen it comes to planning your wedding, you have many choices – there are hundreds of details, large and small. It can get a little challenging to decide where to go to fulfill your needs for the big day and some; the natural tendency may be to lean towards the cheapest options. However, your wedding flowers are not the place to price shop or cut corners. As the beautiful backdrop for your entire day, the flowers set the ambiance for the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. That is why at Boyd’s, our wedding floral designers are true artists, and will work with you to design bouquets and arrangements that will exceed your expectations.

At Boyd’s, we know from experience that a face to face meeting with our couples allows us to get to know you and your style; as well as your dreams for your day. We may have suggestions and recommendations that you never considered, but that are perfect for you. That’s something that can’t be done when simply price shopping. We’ve done this hundred of times – we know the venues in the area, and can help you discover which of your favorite floral choices would complement the space beautifully. Sometimes it is difficult to envision how it will all look – but our designers are happy to show you photographs of past client weddings at your chosen venue, and show you first hand how different flowers and arrangements looked in the actual space. That is invaluable insight you cannot gain any other way.

Our expert floral designers will listen to your desires and create the wedding flowers exactly as you wish – but if that won’t fit your budget, we are happy to make alternate recommendations, and show you flowers that will result in the same look and feel on your day, but not break the bank. After all, we are artists, and flowers are our medium – we love to create masterpieces. And our designers won’t abandon you on the day on the wedding – not only will we create your bouquets and arrangements, but we will be there to install them as well.

Stop into Boyd’s today to see what a difference it makes to work together with a professional planner about wedding floral design. We are confident that you will choose to work with our expert designers and florists because we truly care about the success of every wedding we participate in – especially yours. We look forward to meeting you.

Some Responsibilities of the Mother of the Bride

mother of the brideA mother’s work is never done. From the moment she finds out her child will be born until her last days, her love and support is unwavering. As the person who has stood by you through thick and thin, it is only fitting that she assists you on the biggest day of your life. The mother of the bride has traditionally held many responsibilities that are particularly cherished in the heart of every bride.

One of those special moments that transpires between mother and daughter is the purchase of the wedding gown. This symbolic white dress is the focal centerpiece of the day, and seeing the bride walk into the ceremony is one of the most anticipated moments for guests and the groom alike. Not only is the mother of the bride involved in the choice of wedding dress, but she also traditionally helps her daughter to get dressed on the wedding day; placing the veil on her daughter’s head is a particularly meaningful moment between the two.

There are various roles customarily assigned to moms during the wedding planning process; designed to take stress off of the bride and groom as they prepare for their new lives together. The to-do list can seem endless as the big day approaches – therefore, the mother of the bride often takes on the time-consuming tasks of speaking to and confirming with the vendors, and sorting out small issues. And your mother is the perfect point of contact – as the person you trust the most, you know she has your best interest at heart and would never let you down. Not to mention, she’ll be thrilled to help!

At Boyd’s Flowers, we love to see brides and their mothers working together to create a dream wedding day. We offer Wilmington couples beautiful and freshly cut flowers and floral designers that have a deep passion for designing your vision. Give us a call, or stop by with your Mom – let’s get to planning!

Boyd’s Flowers – Wedding Myths & Traditions

wedding traditions

One of the most memorable days in your life is your wedding day. There are countless details to consider; from the day of the proposal until the walk down the aisle and the first dance at the reception. This special day is steeped in customs and rituals that stem from both the culture we live in, and from centuries-old tradition . Many of the accepted elements of a marriage ceremony have unique and interesting beginnings, dating way back in history. And while many remain with us, many traditions have also been left behind; and they now can seem completely bizarre to us in contemporary culture.

One of the most iconic and widely accepted traditions in America – and much of the Western world – is the white wedding dress. You may think that this tradition has always been a part of the wedding culture, but in reality, this trend only came about thanks to England’s Queen Victoria in 1840. She went against tradition and decided to wear white instead of silver, the accepted color of royal weddings – and women have loved the idea ever since.

Superstitions about good and bad luck as it pertains to the wedding have always been prevalent. For instance, it was believed that looking in the mirror right before she left for for the ceremony would bring the bride good fortune. However, checking a mirror while en route to the wedding would result in bad luck. Speaking of bad luck, brides were urged not to look around on their way to their celebration – if they saw a nun or a monk, the marriage was doomed. Couples were also urged not to marry on their birthday, and not to wed on a Friday or Saturday- both bad omens. Aren’t you glad we don’t  have those types of beliefs today?

Whether you are looking to stick to a traditional wedding, or you decide to change things up a bit, we know that the possibilities are endless! Here at Boyd’s Flowers of Wilmington, our designers have helped many excited brides and grooms create their perfect flower arrangements. Allow us to bring your floral dreams to life!


Boyd’s Flowers – Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingsSummer will soon be upon us, and many couples are using this spring season to plan for their upcoming wedding extravaganza. Summertime weddings are extremely popular , and we understand why. Blue skies, sunshine and abundant nature make the perfect backdrop for a wedding day; not to mention contribute to awesome wedding photos.

Cascading bouquets are all the rage this summer; and one of the hottest trends is the look of undone wildflowers. This style of bouquet evokes a kinship with nature and fits in perfectly at an outdoor event. Choosing flowers that are hardier for the heat is also a priority – great choices include, sunflowers, roses and lilies, which tend to have a better reputation when it comes to withstanding heat and humidity, and staying beautiful throughout the day.

summer weddings summer weddings

Expert Tip: If your have downtime between photos and ceremony or reception, place the stems of the bouquets in water while you wait, to let them rehydrate; a cool and shady place is best to prevent wilting.

Orchids grow well in heat and humidity; utilizing them in unique centerpieces not only guarantees that your guests will be impressed with their singular beauty and your creativity; but that your table will look gorgeous no matter how high the temperatures climb. Don’t forget to add water to any flower, no matter how well they withstand the heat – staying cool and full of water is the best way to enjoy a hot day.

As one of Wilmington’s most popular wedding florists with years of experience, we here at Boyd’s look forward to helping you design striking, seasonally appropriate floral arrangements -don’t waste another minute! Let’s get to planning.